My mission is to seek justice from the legal system, and show that the Monroe City Court and Ouachita Parish Court Systems are violating the laws of our land. This website presents proof of these violations and injustices, I simply ask that you join me in demanding a federal investigation is conducted regarding my cases. The Mayor has the authority to request a federal investigation into my cases, and he should. Please allow me, to show you the reasons the Mayor should make this request. 

Lester GLen Paster


  My name is Lester Glen Paster, a resident and native of Monroe, Louisiana. I am a United States

Veteran who served my country faithfully. I was honorably discharged at the end of my tour after faithfully serving my country.


Several individuals in the Monroe Police department, including former high-ranking officials; namely, Judge Larry Lolley, Judge Garland Smith, Judge Carl Sharp, Attorney Clyde Lain, Attorney Rodney Pierre and Court Reporter Velma Whitby collaborated to VIOLATE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    Violations include: False Imprisonment, Police Brutality, Unethical Practice of Law, as well as a "Mocked Trial" (City of Monroe v. Lester Paster. Docket No.8714142 & 8714690). After fighting for justice for many years, and demanding my right to a trial, the Monroe City Clerk of Courts Office now states this docket number does not exist. Their reason is the files for this particular docket number may have been tragically burned in a fire. 

   I, the defendant, was never informed verbally or in writing, that this trial was going to take place. Therefore, I could not attend a trial that I had no knowledge about. In this instance, I was denied due process in the court of Law, and the right to confront my accusers.

    In addition, The Monroe City Court refused to acknowledge an order made by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals dated September 23, 1998. The particular docket number for the appeal case is 30.856-KA. This is an unlawful act and shows Monroe City Court and the Ouachita Parish Court, show disrespect for the higher court.

    I, Lester Glen Paster, appeal and plead you to click on the "PLAIN TRUTH" link. To navigate the details, and all relevant documents concerning my cases. This includes legal documents, newspaper articles, and statements from my accusers. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Feel free to use the feedback button or email address listed below. Please see my letter to the Louisiana Legislature and who responded back, in the following link. https://veterans4justice.org/louisiana-legislature

    Court of Appeal Second Circuit order are clear, La. R.S14:401 is a state charge. Monroe City Attorney, does not have the power to drop this charge. Court Documents should be kept in the Clerk of Court's Office, Please see City Attorney Nanci S. Summersgill's letter dated May 12, 2016. I sent a letter to the Attorney General Jeff Landry with the documents that are missing from the Clerk of Court's Office, received May 23, 2016. click here to see. The good thing about a website, I get a chance to keep you updated. Please see Court of Appeal Motion Denied, and my Motion back to Court of Appeal with evidence of the truth click here,  Court of Appeal's Second Circuit refuses to investigate the unlawful behavior of Monroe City Court, and also see my PUBLIC NOTICE click here.  If you have not click on the PLAIN TRUTH link yet, please do.  This will show you prove and motive, of Monroe City Court and the Mayor, behavior.

Thank you very much,

 Lester Glen Paster