The Plain Truth


On  Wednesday, July 9, 1997, I stood in front of the Monroe City Court,  informing the public that the Monroe City Court and others are violating  my Constitutional Right. I was arrested for the violation of Statute  La. R.S.14:401. Which prohibits demonstrations at courthouses or residences of judges, jurors, or witnesses. (Click Here to  see the papers I was passing out on Judge Carl  Sharp and others who  violated my Constitutional Right. All evidence is included within the  content. You can always come back later).  

During my court  arrangement on July 11, 1997, Judge Garland Smith’s  first words were,  “What is this matter about?” City Attorney Rodney Pierre stated, "PASSING OUT PAPERS ON JUDGE SHARP". However, these  statements did not appear in the court transcripts. I informed  the Court of Appeal about this obstruction of justice and, other  obstruction of justice that took place in this case. City Attorney  Rodney Pierre stated on page 7 in his brief to Court of Appeal  (Click Here) my assertions that  the case was about passing out papers on Judge Sharp was not reflected  in the record. But court transcripts show that when Judge Garland Smith  gave City Attorney Rodney Pierre, a chance to respond in Court, about  passing out papers on Judge Sharp, he refuse. (Click Here see the transcripts of the case page 18).

On  July 21, 1997, I sent a folder from my Monroe City Jail cell to Judge  Garland Smith stating I agreed with City Attorney Rodney Pierre. I was  passing out papers on Judge Carl Sharp and others and had witnesses who I  wanted subpoenaed to Court. 

On July 31,1997, after being held in the Monroe City Jail for twenty three (23) days on a STATE CHARGE, Judge Garland Smith and City Attorney Rodney Pierre changed the STATE CHARGE from La. R.S. 14:401 to MONROE CITY ORDINANCE  12:186. about 10 minutes before court started. By doing this, they  denied me the right to a jury trial and attorney. At that time I did not  know this was against our Laws or their reason for doing that which is  stated above.  

Trial  Court began with Judge Garland Smith holding up the folder I had sent  him from the Monroe City Jail Cell. Judge Garland Smith stated, “I  received this folder from Mr. Paster. I have not looked at the contents  in this folder; therefore, I do not know what is in it. I am returning  it to him at this time.” The statements Judge Garland Smith made about  the folder were not cited in the case of the court transcripts. The  Court of Appeal was informed about the missing folder’s statements  not being in court transcripts. City Attorney Rodney Pierre refused to  respond to the folder's statements not being in the transcripts, in his  brief to the Court of Appeal. Not to address it was a wise thing for  him to do.  

Deputy  Marshall, Christopher Barkley, one of the city’s witnesses, falsely  testified that the Honorable Larry Jefferson gave the order to arrest  me. Judge Larry Jefferson clearly stated that he did not give such  an order. Judge Jefferson stated:  "It is his job to make judgment once a  case comes to his Court and not before." Judge Garland Smith found me  guilty of violating Monroe City Ordinance 12:186. Court Reporter Velma  Whitby was the court transcribe for the hearing and trial court. 

By law, one has 30 days to appeal a case, but Judge Garland Smith and his staff refused to release transcripts of my case.  I went to Reverend Garland Smith’s church to inform him that his staff  would not. Reverend Smith stated to me, “We have been busy, but you can  file for an extension.” So I filed for an extension. After about two  months, the NAACP was able to get Judge Jefferson’s staff to release my  transcripts. Court transcripts are supposed to be open to the public. I  appealed to the Court of Appeal. (Click Here motion for extension filed to Monroe City Clerk of Courts Office that saved my appeal).  

On  March 6, 1998, DOCKET NO. 30,856KA the Court of Appeal ordered the  Monroe City Court to file a brief in this case, on or before seven (7)  days of this date. Failure to comply with this order may cause you to be  cited for contempt of Court. The Monroe City Court motioned to dismiss  my appeal for want of jurisdiction. (Click Here and Here  to see the Order for a brief to be filed by Court of Appeal, Second  Circuit and Motion denied dismissing case by the Court of Appeal, Second  Circuit).   

The  Court of Appeal rendered Judgment on September 23, 1998 (DOCKET NO.  30.856-KA). It stated, “In briefs submitted to this court, both  appellant and appellee argue whether Mr. Paster violated Monroe City  Ordinance 12:186, which prohibits demonstrations at courthouses or  residences of judges, jurors, or witnesses. However, the only charging  document contained in the record reflects that Mr. Paster was charged  with a violation of La. R.S. 14:401.   

The  Court of Appeal stated that the Monroe City Court had made an  error because they didn’t advise Mr. Paster of his right to a jury trial  or right to counsel. The Court of Appeal sent the case back to  the Monroe City Court for further proceedings and stated the following:  “That for these reasons explained, we set aside the defendant’s  conviction sentence and remand the case to the city court for further  proceedings consistent with this opinion, REVERSED and REMANDED.” (PLEASE SEE JUDGMENT FROM COURT OF APPEAL DATED SEPTEMBER 23, 1998).  The Court of Appeal also stated that nothing in this section shall  interfere with or prevent the exercise by any court of the State of  Louisiana of its power to punish for contempt. (Click Here to see the Judgment from Court of Appeal).  

I  have filed an order for a speedy trial on three different occasions. On  November 9, 1998, May 20, 1999, and on August 9, 2000, Deputy Clerk,  Trisha Lynn stamped and signed the order for a speedy trial. All three  filings have been removed from the Clerk of Court Office, along with  other documents I have filed. I have informed the Court of Appeal that  the Monroe City Court has not responded to the order for the speedy  trial  I filed. The Court of Appeal directed me to the District  Attorney's Office; the District Attorney has not yet responded.  

When  I was arrested on July 9, 1997, I was informing the public that the  Monroe City Court and others were violating my constitutional right. One  violation consisted of Judge Larry Lolley and former City Attorney Carl  Sharp along with Attorney Clyde Lain intentionally denying me due  process of the law. By taking eight (8) charges to Court (CITY OF MONROE VERSUS LESTER PASTER DOCKET NO. 8714142 & 8714690) WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. The city court records do not say what the charges were about. They are just called all 8 charges, “THAT CHARGE.”  I have never signed any documentation giving Attorney Clyde Lain the  right to represent me in this case or any other case in my life. It cost  my family and I  (2,500) dollars to find out about this secret trial.  Monroe City Clerk Court now say they cannot find case DOCKET NO. 8714142  & 8714690. Say may have been burn in a fire (Click Here).  Now (Click Here  to see my copy of DOCKET NO. 8714142 & 8714690. Which also show how  they unlawful took my cases to court, with out my knowledge).

I  was incarcerated three times because of my beliefs against racial  discrimination. Each time Monroe Police overstepped their boundaries by  denying me the right to protest against a local auto parts store in the  summer of 1987. On the third arrest, while laying on the floor  handcuffed, in police custody. I was hit with ammonia  repeatedly in my face, and forced to my feet. I found an opportunity to  flee for my life, and I took it; however, my escape was in vain. I was  apprehended, cuffed and again physically abused; I was also denied bond  and medical attention AND NOT GIVEN A RIGHT TO A TRIAL. (Click Here to see Monroe News Star articles date Nov 12, 1987 Police nab local Picket third time).  
Police OCA COMPLAINT REPORT dated 10/09/87, state that Judge Carl  Sharp who was then Monroe City Attorney at that time informed the Monroe  Police that he would personally contact Paster and advise him to remove  the signs by noon or action would be taken. Police  OCA COMPLAINT REPORT date 11/11/87, state that SGT. Gardner used an  ammonia stick to arouse Mr. Paster and got him on his feet. (Click Here to see both Police OCA COMPLAINT REPORT). 

I  paid Attorney Chowke Lumumba from Jackson, Mississippi  ($2,500) to  take my case. He discovered that my cases had already been to court  without my appearing or my knowledge on March 16, 1988; by a Attorney  name Clyde Lain. I called Attorney Clyde Lain and asked him about this  secret trail. Attorney Clyde Lain stated that he did not do this and  that there was no way he could go to court, without me being present. I  then asked him would he sign an affidavit stating he did not take my  cases to court; he agreed. Attorney Clyde Lain had a heart attack. A few  weeks later, after he returned from the hospital, I receive his  affidavit.                          

At  the bottom of Attorney Clyde Lain affidavit you see the name Judge  Larry Lolley Division B Monroe City Court; this case were held in Judge  Larry Lolley Court. The affidavit is signed, by the D.Y. Clerk, City  Court of the City of Monroe, and the Notary Public is Attorney Harvey R.  Lexing. In this affidavit, Attorney Clyde Lain state that he do not  recall ever entering a plea of nolo contendere on behalf of Mr. Paster (Click Here). The  case file number is on the affidavit. Attorney Clyde Lain, Judge Larry  Lolley, or Attorney Harvey R. Lexing, could have easily looked into the  records and seen Attorney Clyde Lain had enrolled as counsel on my  behalf (Mr. Paster). In Judge Larry Lolley's Court, he (Attorney Clyde  Lain) waived my presence and entered a plea of nollo contendre on my  behalf to "That Charge" (a charge that was never stated in court and  made no reference to the 8 charges for which I had been charged for and  should have been in court for on March 16, 1988. (Click Here).

After receiving Attorney Clyde Lain affidavit and copies of my case.  I sent them to Louisiana State Bar Association. I also ask the  LSBA to investagate my case, where as Attorney Clyde Lain  involve him  self in my case, with out me siging documentation giving him the right  to do so. I Appeal to the Louisiana State Bar Association three time,  and three time I was turn down. It was a denial on their part to do  their job.  

I  filed a complaint with Internal Affairs in 1987 against the officer who  repeatedly locked me up for putting signs on the city right of way and  the officer who gagged me with the ammonia. I was told nothing could be  done until these cases go to court. But they still have not given me  right to a trail. I still do not know what is a city right of way. But  once I do find out, I will be able to show politicians, they may put  their signs on the city right of way during election time. And when it  comes to one right to a trail, they understand it better than you and I.  See Internal Affairs response to my complaint dated January 15, 1990, (Click Here).  

Due  process of the law is supposed to be the birth right of all Americans.  Please look at news articles from the Monroe Free Press, dated April of  1990. Paster, angry, Says, "he can’t get a trial after nearly three  years.” On page two of this news articles, Judge Sharp City Attorney at  that time stated, “As far as his office is concerned, the charges  against Paster are dropped.” He said, “His office DID NOT prosecute the charges, because they were minimal and he decided to let the time lapse” (Click Here). But my copy show, they had already went to court behind my back on March 16, 1988. (Click Here if you need to see again).  

After  Attorney Chowke Lumumba from Jackson, Mississippi discovered that my  case had been to Court without my knowledge, Judge Sharp responded to my  protests and continued to tell lies to the Monroe Free Press,  (in these articles Judge Sharp responds to  Paster protest; Attorney Clyde Lain’s response to my protest, Protest  Continues: Records show no charges were dropped. (Click Here to see all three news articles).

It is spiritually right to do justice. I am asking for your HELP.  The court system still has a paper trail that will not burn, move, or  over look. There are many people in power, who know of this corruption  but turn their heads on this injustice. Power, money, or news media  should not dictate who is right or wrong or who receives justice. I  thank Mr. John Paul Nabors and the Monroe Free Press News for every  thing that they have done for my family and me. This is the right thing  to do.   

Police  file shows that I have been arrested numerous, unnecessary times for  trying to inform the public that my constitutional rights are being  violated without due process of law. I have given you just some proof  of my claim of this injustice.  

I  do believe there are some Americans who say, “Why won’t Mr. Paster just  get an Attorney?” I have talked to many attorneys in the City of  Monroe who have closed their doors in my face. I have tried out of state  attorneys who I feel have robbed me and my family of ($2,500), without  any kind of justice. It would be a good thing if I had an attorney who  has my family and my best interest at heart. You have no idea what my  family and I have gone through, and are presently going through in my  efforts to obtain justice in Monroe, Louisiana. 

Please e-mail,  call, or write our elected officials, informing them you are against  this type of Court Room behavior for Veterans and all other Citizens of  America. Let us all inform the Mayor of Monroe Louisiana, Jamie  Mayo. Tell him you would like to see a federal investigation of these  cases. Court of Appeal Second Circuit, rendered judgment on September  23, 1998, and stated that I should have had the right to a jury trial  and assistance of counsel. I am also asking the Department of  Justice for counsels and a jury trial if needed. Why should it be easy  for Fourth District Court and the Monroe City Court to hide these cases  under the rug? I am trying to get you to help me force the court system  to obey its own laws. I can't enforce the court system to obey our laws  without your help.  

I would like to take this time to thank you for taking the time to read my website. I hope you understand what this means to my family and me. PLEASE  inform others of this website and respond. We the People will make the  difference. Your concern in this matter is highly appreciated. THANK YOU AND MAY THE PEACE OF OUR FATHER BE UP ON US. 

Please Click on Mayor Jamie Mayo's Office and  inform him that you are against this type of Court Room behavior and,  that you would like to see a Federal Investigation of my Cases. Today is  December 30th 2012 and Jamie Mayo has refused to talk to me about this  injustice. My plan is to put up signs on highways, bi-ways, Monroe City  Courts, and Ouachita parish Courts; to get the attention of Mayor Jamie  Mayo, Monroe City Council, and the Ouachita Police Jury. No politician  wants his name on billboard signs talking about the injustice that they  have done to an individual. They have put me in jail for this in the  past, so I expect the same. It will take some persistence on my part to  continue putting up signs, go to jail and put up more signs, in order  for Justice to come. I am asking the public for help. Any donations will  not be in vain. Thank You!